Web Developer & Special Projects

Dave Transom

Dave Transom

Dave is a full-stack web developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He spends his days coding in C# and Javascript, works mostly in the .NET space, and is generally open to other frameworks and technologies.

  • Loves: HTTP APIs, JSON, GUIDs, Quality Gear, Good Food & Craft Beer.
  • Dislikes: Personalised Plates, Web Forms, Offshore Cold Callers.
  • Works with a select few clients doing web development and special projects.
  • Can be found lurking on twitter and occasionally blogging.
  • Also claims some recipes and a few demo recordings from the late nineties.

Contact Details

+64 9 889 0794

Work Forecast:

Heavy, with an off chance of lunch.

Project Manager, Artist, Dev Wrangler

Rina Transom

Rina Transom

A background in graphic design and few years of web development has turned Rina into a hybrid project manager that understands all parts of the development process. She still gets her hands dirty from time to time, but spends most of her days chasing specifications, devs and/or clients around.

  • Specialises in scoping, planning & wireframing custom projects in both Web and App spaces.
  • Enjoys focusing on User Experience and making custom development look pretty.
  • Provides guidance to clients in project needs and wants.
  • Paints as Rina Botha; work can be found at rinabotha.com and sometimes on twitter.
  • Dreams of finishing her first illustrated children's book.

Want to know more? Contact Dave or Rina directly.